Vegan Nail Polish Brands to Use in Your Spa

Understanding Vegan Nail Polish

It is fair to say that the beauty industry moves at the speed of light. Trends happen overnight and brands / beauty service providers are constantly challenged to adapt or get left behind. As a salon owner or spa manager, you need to be able to tell the fads from the keepers. The last 10 years has seen the brow revolution thanks to brands like High Definition, the power polish introduced by Shellac and advanced skin treatments that were once kept to the dermatalogists office. With the rise of clean beauty, transparent formulations and ethically sourced organic products, our clients are demanding a lot more from us and the brands we stock and the demand for vegan friendly products has never been as high. With this in mind I’ve put together my top vegan nail polish options which you can stock in you salon or spa. 

What makes a nail polish not suitable for vegans ?

Traditionally the beauty industry relies heavily on animal produce and by products in their formulations and nail polish is no different. Most of the shimmery, iridescent polishes on the market contain ingredients such as crushed up beetles or oyster shells/even fish scales to help achieve their captivating metallic hues! If you’re unsure whether there may be something fishy about your polish take a look at the ingredient deck and see if any of the following is included:

Carmine – a red pigment produced from crushed female beetle shells

Guanine – a pearl essence that is made from fish scales


So what nail brands can you offer that are completely cruelty free and suitable for vegan and non vegan pinkies and toes?


1. Spa Ritual

Spa Rituals Vegan Nail Polish

In addition to being free from DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Formaldehyde and Formaldehyde Resin – Spa Ritual nail polishes are vegan. The brand offer an excellent range of colours and finishes and are committed to making sure their products are good for people and good for the planet!

Find out more about Spa Ritual here 


2. Faby Nails

Faby Nails Vegan

Boasting 5-Free and Vegan credentials, Faby Nails hails from Italy and offering a soak of gel system for clients looking for a cruelty free long lasting manicure.

Find out more about Faby Nails here 


3. Ella and Mila

Ella and Mila Vegan Nail Polish

Fast becoming a cult name in the world of nail polish, Ella and Mila boast a 7 free formula that is vegan and cruelty free and unlike others they are PETA certified. This eco-conscious brand offers a strong shade and finish portfolio.

Find out more about Ella and Mila here 


4. Biosculpture

Biosculpture Vegan Nails

The original everlasting manicure, Biosculpture can be found in many nail bars, salons and spas in the UK and Ireland. With over 170 colours and new releases twice a year, it is refreshing to hear that this soak-able permanent gel system is 100% Vegan.

Find out more about Biosculpture here 


Do you offer your clients vegan alternatives in your salon or spa? Have you a favourite vegan nail polish brand that I have’t mentioned in this post? Let me know in the comments below!









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