Salon Music – Thinking Beyond Panpipes!

Background music in your salon can be a bit of minefield. Traditional relaxation music, while beautiful, can get in on you after a while – in fairness any music played on a continuous loop for 8 hours is enough to get on anyones nerves. The music you play for clients should be a carefully thought out reflection of your brand – it is in fact an extension of your brand persona. Think about your favourite high street stores and the music they play to reflect their brand and client personas sport shops opt for loud, energetic club music, while supermarkets churn out monotonous music in an effort to slow the customer down into a trance like state as they wander the isles.  Budget supermarkets such as Aldi and Lidl don’t play any music at all as part of their pared back ‘no frills’ branding.

Beauty Salon Spotify Playlists

So when it comes to choosing music for your salon – be specific and have some fun. Streaming services such as Spotify open you up to a world of music that is perfect for making your salon playlists. You can avail of Spotify for free, but I wouldn’t advise this for a business as they play ads every 3 songs which would interrupt the flow. Paid options start from €9.99 per month for a premium account with no interruptions. I opt for the family subscription for €14.99 per month which allows for up to 5 premium accounts, as long as they are all registered to the one address.

I recently set up a BeautyEditPro Spotify account and will be filling it with Salon Session playlists to cater for all tastes. The first list, called Hauntingly Beautiful, comprises of over 9 hours of mellow acoustic covers and original songs that will relax the mind and body during treatments. It is a great playlist for salons who consider their brand as an urban, modern space that attracts millennial clients. You and your clients will enjoy the mix of artists including Bon Ivor, Tom Odell and a great selection of acoustic covers of modern hits and some great reworks of favourites from the 60s,70s,80s and 90s. There are also some haunting melodies included which are perfect for late autumn evenings in the run up to Halloween.

Listen to Hauntingly Beautiful here.

You can stream Spotify direct through your phone, computer or iPad and I think they work best connected via wifi or bluetooth to individual speakers in your treatment rooms and reception – that can be turned on when needed. I find the SONOS brand of wifi speakers really good, but there are many brands available to suit all price budgets.

Just because you are paying for a premium Spotify service does not make the music royalty free. You still need to pay your licensing fee to the relevant organisation in your country.


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