Spotlight: Dr Irena Eris Mandelic Acid

Key Ingredient: Mandelic Acid

You hear a lot about glycolic acid and its anti ageing benefits, but glycolic isn’t  the only AHA on the block. While researching mandelic acid, I came across the Polish brand Dr. Irena Eris, who has a number of products with mandelic as their key ingredient. I knew very little of the brand, but two products caught my attention. Acid Toners are having a moment and I have tried many, so I decided to pick up the Dr Irena Eris 2% Mandelic Peel Formula and the Active Essence 10% Mandelic Peel Formula and try them out.

Dr Irena Eris Skincarepro

What You Need to Know About Mandelic Acid

Mandelic is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid which is made from bitter almonds.  According to a study published in the journal Cosmetic Dermatology, Mandelic Acid has proven to be as effective as its AHA sister glycolic acid for treating fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of sun damage. It is also said to cause less redness, flaking and skin irritation when compared to glycolic and other alpha hydroxy acids. So if you are prone to skin irritation or hyper pigmentation after using AHAs, mandelic acid may (check with your skin therapist first)  prove a more suitable choice for you.

Mandelic is also used for treating acne and blemish prone skin, due to its anti bacterial properties. It is also anti inflammatory, with many experts applying it to the treatment of Rosacea, which traditionally doesn’t tolerate more well known AHAs, due to their skin irritating properties.

Dr Irena Eris 2%  Mandelic Peel Formula

Dr Irena Eris Mandelic TonerThis product is to be used as an acid toner, that is applied to the skin morning and evening after cleansing. It will work to exfoliate and brighten the skin, while also having an anti bacterial effect. In addition to the key ingredient of mandelic acid, it also contains D-panthenol and glycerin, which are known for their hydrating properties.  As with all acid toners, they work not only to provide a gentle micro chemical exfoliation on a daily basis, but also to pave the way for better absorption of follow on products in your routine. As with the use of any AHA you should always protect your skin during the day by wearing an SPF, as the acid will make your skin more sensitive to UV rays. At only 2% this product offers a gentle but effective acid toning solution, which is safe to use on a daily basis.

Dr Irena Eris 10% Mandelic Peel Formula

Erina Eris 10% Mandelic EssenceApplying the same skincare principles and ingredients as the 2% toning lotion, this a more concentrated product that contains 10% mandelic acid for optimum penetration and performance. It is an emulsion formula that smells slightly off, which again is down to the higher % of mandelic used. This is an overnight product, that is left on after cleansing and it is advised that you use it in conjunction with toning lotion for two weeks prior to a professional chemical peel. Personally I would only use a product such as this once a week.

Beauty Edit Thoughts

I quite liked the toning lotion and will continue using it. The 10% mandelic peel formula is also effective and I preferred it much more than other more well know 10% glycolic treatments that are recommended for overnight use. I haven’t tried any other products from the Dr Irena Eris range and would be interested to see what their professional treatment offerings are. I can see from beauty trade publications in Ireland, that the brand is strongly represented and seems to be taken on by a number of Irish salons and skincare centres.  If you are looking for an alternative to glycolic acid that delivers similar results, with less irritation check out the Dr Irena Eris Mandelic products.

To find out more about the Dr Irena Eris range which is distributed by Skincare Pro, visit their website here. 



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