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delilah™ Cosmetics the Perfect Salon Retail Range?

I have always stood by the belief that a salon / MUA should not rely on one make-up range alone for creating the many looks required of them. If you follow make-up artists on Twitter/Instagram you will see them use and recommend many products from many brands – even the artists who have their own range of products have kit essentials they will not be without.

However, when it comes to retailing make-up in your salon, you need to invest in a strong brand that delivers. If budget is not a problem I suggest two ranges –  a good quality mineral cosmetic range alongside a strong performing ‘classic’ colour cosmetics range. Obviously your pro kit will made up largely of these products, but I bet you will sneak in your favourite hero products – to enhance the looks you create for your clients. There are many options out there for mineral ranges from the budget conscious from the  beautiful Lily Lolo to the industry leader Jane Iredale, but mineral make-up is not for everyone. Just think of your favourite big store beauty halls packed with counter after counter of bestselling prestige cosmetic brands – how many of these are dedicated mineral ranges? The market favours traditional cosmetic formulations and the market is driven by what sells. While high quality mineral ranges have an excellent USP from a skincare point of view and seem a natural addition to a salon who specialised in results driven, corrective skin treatments, not everybody wants a mineral product and spending patterns tend to follow market trends/norms, which is why I would not to exclusively stock a mineral only range. The problem for salons is that the choice of stand out non-mineral cosmetic ranges is not that great! But thankfully there are some fantastic stand out ranges that tick a lot of boxes.

Is delilah™ Cosmetics the Answer for Your Salon?

Step up delilah™ Cosmetics, a British brand created by a trio of savvy industry experts, with the luxury salon and spa market in mind. This isn’t your average brand, they have thought through every last detail and created a strong brand that is almost iconic in its presentation (like anything truly worthy of being labelled iconic – time will tell). It is approx. 2 years old and ticks so many boxes for salon owners looking to offer something special. Unlike many other ranges it isn’t flooded with crazy colours and unwearable shades, no it is a capsule collection of classic colours you want to wear. Formulation is top class and the packaging is out of this world,  Rose Gold and Pewter metal casings presented in velvet pouches, the design is feminine and understated, allowing the quality of the product speak for itself.

To have this range on your salon floor, will immediately draw attention. The brand haven’t stopped at just creating
beautiful products,  they decided that a standard, acrylic display stdelilah costmetics display standand wasn’t enough to showcase their products and instead have offer bespoke, beautifully crafted wooden stands with stunning displays and additional storage space. It is the full package – with a strong PR and Marketing campaign behind it that has seen it featured in major titles and blogs alongside the big players. Stockists include top spas and salons across the UK such as Chuan Spa at The Langham, Richard Ward Salons and it has recently been inducted into the iconic beauty floor in Fortnum and Masons. Most impressive is that this range was picked up by Space:NK within in months of its launch – a sure sign that they are doing something right!

delilah lipstickI had the pleasure of meeting with one of the co-founders (alongside noted MUA Rupert Kingston and photographer extraordinaire Juliet White)  and driving force behind the brand Hannah Nicholson earlier in the year. Hannah talked me through everything to do with delilah™ , from inception to execution and their plans for the future –  it is impressive. But what impresses me most is their commitment to their stockists and the ongoing support they provide which includes exclusive training, sales events and strong brand awareness campaigns. Some will argue that a brand created with the salon/spa sales in mind, should not have the product stocked in multi chain retailers such as Space:NK. In this case I disagree – this is usually my opinion when it comes to skincare brands but in the world of cosmetics, to be able to offer your clients a brand that boxes alongside some of the best known brands in the world and holds it own, winning awards along the way is a bonus. Hannah has assured me you won’t find delilah on QVC or flooding the internet through multiple discount retailers, which is important for an exclusive prestige range. Such big name stockists of delilah™ are strategic partnerships that serve to push the brand further and are mutually beneficial, the brand recognition that comes from this makes it a bonus for salon owners looking to offer a brand that is immediately recognised and more importantly coveted.

The Cost of Stocking delilah™ in Your Salon

Price wise? As any brand of its calibre it doesn’t come cheap,  with a foundation coming in around the £34 mark which for the quality and brand is a fair price. Lipsticks come in at £24, hold one in your hand and you’ll buy before you ever try it on your lips, they are stunning and my favourite pieces in the range. The rest of the range includes mascara, eyeshadows. liners. lipglosses, bronzer, blush, concealer, primer and the most stunning set of brushes I’ve ever used. Excluding brushes there are in total approx. 72 individual products/shades in the range – very manageable for a salon/spa.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.40.24

If you are looking for a luxury cosmetics range that will work to increase retail sales and seriously impress your clients – contact delilah™ via this link.

While delilah™ isn’t for every salon in terms of pricing, it is fair to say that every salon is not for delilah™ with the brand being very specific and involved in who offers their products, which adds to the mystique and exclusivity of their market approach, making me want delilah™ all the more!

Check out the full range of delilah Cosmetics on their brand website here. 

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