Spotlight: CND RescueRXx Daily Keratin Treatment

CND RescueRXx – Cult Product?

The word cult product can be bandied around a lot in this industry and in many cases is nothing more than marketing hype. It’s refreshing when I do come across a product that not only does what it claims to (shock horror – a rare quality) but is actually so good, you wonder how you ever lived without it. CND RescueRXx is one such product

Early on the year I noticed that my nails were crying out for a bit of TLC beyond the occasional application of cuticle oil. Perhaps it was peeling off my 14 day mani (yes I am that person, sorry nail techs) or the endless amount of boxes I had been unpacking stock from, whatever it was my nails were in bits. So, having heard so much about CND RescueRXx, I picked up a bottle from a local nail bar.

This hybrid cuticle oil and keratin treatment has been designed to restore weak nails that may show signs of peeling or white spots. Containing Keratin Protein, Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil , CND claim that after only one week of daily use, 80% of people noticed an improvement in their nail health, while 80% noticed less peeling of the nail after 4 weeks. My nails had been peeling badly and I didn’t expect much. But after about 7 days, I was pleasantly shocked at just how good my nails looked. Gone was the weak, brittle nails and back were my smooth, even nails. So I continued on using the treatment for another few weeks and was thrilled that see that not only were my nails growing an impressive speed, but that they were strong and able to carry the extra length.

I was really impressed with CND Rescue RXX and would recommend it to any salon to carry and retail to their clients – it is a brilliant (and easy) upsell. I can’t really compare it to anything else I’ve tried in this category. Whether your client needs help building up the strength in weakened natural nails or she just needs to maintain her healthy nails – this is the product to do it. I would advise that every bride needs to use this product in the 6 week run up to her wedding.

Application Tips:

  • CND recommend that you use twice daily (I only used it once daily)
  • Apply to bare natural nails and massage into nail bed, nail edge and cuticle
  • I still apply CND Rescue RXx to my cuticles even when wearing nail polish or gel polishes etc.


I paid €22 for a full size bottle and even with regular use I still have over 1/4 of the bottle left. You can also pick up a miniature bottle for about €5. This was full RRP, professionals can open an account with authorised distributors in the UK and Ireland Sweet Squared.




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