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When Big Brands Sell Out – Unilever Buy Dermalogica

It is commonplace within the beauty industry for brands to be bought over/acquired by big multinational companies. Independent beauty brands are always joining the family of well known beauty industry powerhouses such as Estee Lauder and L’Oreal.  Its no biggy and for many it means you will see greater distribution of niche brands that were once hard to find. Take the cult NYX cosmetics brand – a drugstore favourite in America, that was somewhat hard to find outside of specialist retailers in Ireland and the UK.  L’Oreal made a very smart and strategic move when acquiring this range –...

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Career Spotlight: Men at Work

The beauty industry offers endless opportunities to those seeking a challenging yet rewarding career.  From hands on therapy to product development, training to brand management the possibilities are many. I love learning about different people within our industry – particularly how and why they chose to work in the crazy world of professional beauty – which lets face it at the best of times is challenging with long hours, poor entry level pay and being fiercely competitive in its nature. The beauty industry is also seen as a predominately female orientated career path.  The stereotypical view that a good beauty...

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