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5 Tips for Succesful Salon SMS Marketing

Mobile Marketing is Big News for Salons Is Mobile Marketing part of your salons marketing plan? The astronomical growth of mobile and smart technologies can’t be ignored. There are more mobile devices on this planet than people to hold them! Incorporating mobile marketing strategies into your marketing campaigns is a must and not as hard as you may think – in fact you are probably doing some of these already! Do you marketing to your clients via text message? Is your site responsive and optimised for viewing on mobile platforms? Do you have an app for your salon that enables clients...

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3 Steps to Increase Salon Bookings

Looking to Increase Your Salon Bookings and Make More Money? Here are my top three methods which can be easily adopted into daily salon life, that work to increase salon bookings and sell more treatments. 1. Motivate Your Team Daily Whether your work alone or as part of team, take time each morning before your day begins to motivate yourself for the day ahead. Use this time to review your tasks for the day and plan. This should take approx. 15 minutes – work it into your schedule it is vital and should be done every morning without fail –...

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Retailing Tips for Salons

I love the business of beauty, especially salons as they offer so many different ways to generate revenue. I know some salon owners will laugh at that statement – yes salons can also become blackholes that gobble up money as soon as it hits the till, but when broken down into manageable sections there are loads of ways to increase revenue and your  bottom line.  I spoke before about increasing profits based on your existing client base here, but today I am going to talk about retail and how it is a vital to the success of your business....

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The Silent Salesperson

How much thought do you give to your salon treatment menu? Take away the physical treatments you provide, what you will charge and making sure it fits in with your branding guidelines – do you really give your treatment menu the respect it deserves?  ‘Cause you really should you know – it is possibly the single most important item of print marketing that you will ever produce for your business. So much more than a piece of paper or pretty brochure – it is a vital part of your team (yes I know not in the human way), it is your silent salesperson which literally speaks volumes! No I haven’t lost the plot – but I do get a nervous twitch when I see how flippant some salon owners are over their menu or lack there of. You may have the glossiest, prettiest, graphically designed treatment brochure that you threw good money at but never once stopped to think about how important the design and development of this menu was.  This article is not concerned with telling you to make sure there are no typos or that your don’t forget to include your telephone number (it happens quite often) – that is play school stuff – today we are going to look at the psychology of selling and what you should think about when designing your treatment menu. So you...

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Salon Marketing – Loyal Clients Create Bigger Profits

I am going to chat a bit about salon marketing and the different approaches you can adopt. One of the most important ones I will discuss today is Retention Marketing and how important it is to keep clients coming back to you. I have seen a number of posts on social media over the last couple of weeks, from salon owners looking for advice on how to attract new customers. Many of these posts mention that they have a great client base, but need to increase turnover and I sit scratching my head and think to myself why are...

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