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Aysha Awaad Medico Beauty
Aysha Awaad

It is no secret that my passion within the world of practical beauty therapy lies in advanced skincare and facial therapies. I pay a lot of attention to progressive and cosmecetucial ranges and one which has piqued my interest of late is CosMedix. Aysha Awaad, MD of Medico Beauty the UK and Irish distributors of CosMedix took the time to answer my questions talk me through what makes CosMedix stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Read on to see what CosMedix is all about!

Key CosMedix Info:

Retail Price Range: £27.50 – £87.00

Free From: SLS, Parabens, PEG’s, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, Synthetic Fragrances or Colourants.

Made In: USA

Opening Order Minimum: Yes (they are not fixed packages/amounts and can be customisable based on the account)

A Brief History of CosMedix:

CosMedix was founded in America in 1999 by Doctor Ben Johnson, Dermatology Nurse Betty Lou McIntosh and Aesthetician Flo McRae, a team of professionals that had been disappointed by treatment outcome from using lasers to treat hyper-pigmentation and melasma. They were strongly motivated to seek out an effective solution that spoke the skin’s own language and worked with a group of cosmetic chemists that believed in taking a new approach and so CosMedix was born.

CosMedix USPs:

CosMedix claims to be the first company to incorporate Chirally Correct ingredients into their formulations, including purified AHA’s. CosMedix is formulated with bio-available, plant-base ingredients and achieved undeniable results, the line quickly achieved cult status and was picked up by award winning medi-spas and clinics globally in Australia, Russia, South Korea and the UK.

Chirality exists in nature and each molecule has a left (L) and a right side (D). Our cells have receptors that can recognise either the L of D side of the molecule. Chirally Correct ingredients target specific skin cell receptor sites. Take Lactic Acid for example, our skin cells receptor sites only recognise the left portion of the molecule called, L-Lactic Acid. The right hand portion of the molecule, D-Lactic Acid is not recognised, and causes irritation to the skin. Think of it like trying to squeeze your right hand into a left hand glove. You might get it on, but it’s not going to ‘fit’ right.

On average it costs 40% more to produce a product using Chiral ingredients and the strength of the formulation is four times greater than any cosmeceuticals.

Typical CosMedix Customer:

Someone who wants results, for themselves and their clients. They may have tried over the counter product or therapeutic ranges, but are looking for something that is going to achieve a noticeable change in their clients skin, in a short space of time. We can guarantee these results because all of the active ingredients used are based on scientific research and evidence and the products contain these ingredients in therapeutic amounts. Often brands claim to have Vitamin A or Vitamin C for example, for marketing purposes, however the amount that is present in the product, and more importantly, that is bio-available (i.e. usable by the skin), is very low and not enough to see a change in the skin.

Where Can You Find CosMedix ?

CosMedix is stocked in a number of medi-spas, clinics and advanced skin salons throughout the UK including EF Medispa, Urban Retreat in Harrods, selected Pro Skin clinics and Saks Advanced Beauty salons. Also medi-spas in Ireland, including The Laser Centre and Array Aesthetics. Medico Beauty also work with a number of Surgeons, Doctors and Nurses, who are interested in doing combination therapies using laser, IPL, injectibles and surgery with a treatment series and homecare plan.

Hero CosMedix Product:

cosmedixpurity cleanWe have many hero products in the range, however if we had to choose to just one, it would be Purity Clean. This is an exfoliating cleanser with 5% L-Lactic Acid plus anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients. It’s the one product in the range that people can’t live without once they start using it. It also never seems to amaze people on the results they can achieve from changing just one product in their regime. From switching from a store bought cleanser, which can often be causing a lot of their skin issue, to using Purity Clean, we have seen some fantastic results.

Hero CosMedix Treatment:

Benefit Peel because it’s suitable for all skin types and conditions. Despite being called a ‘peel’, it’s actually an acid-free treatment that uses Vitamin A & C, plus enzymes to stimulate cellular renewal and boost collagen and elastin production. Unlike acid peels that exfoliate downwards, the Benefit Peel stimulates from beneath, targeting the living layer, so that old skin cells are desquamated / pushed off naturally. When combined in a series of 3 treatments, the results are truly remarkable. It’s also a very effective treatment for correcting sensitive skin issues, something that most peels can’t do and it’s also very effective at treating Rosacea, because it thickens the dermis, strengthening the capillary network.

About Medico Beauty

Medico Beauty was established in 1997, by Aesthetic Nurse Consultant, Constance Campion-Awwad, and Reconstructive Surgeon, Mr Awwad Awwad.  Having specialised in providing treatments to patients for many years they identified a shortage of certified skin care experts and a need for effective treatments that could rectify skin conditions, without causing trauma or requiring a long period of downtime. Medico Beauty was created to teach other medical practitioners and skin care professionals their method of ‘Advanced Skin Health Restoration” that had been pioneered by Dermatologists and Surgeons in the USA and to incorporate their principals of Nutritional Dermatology.

The Medico Beauty Institute:

In the process of expanding the professional development of Beauty Therapists, Aesthetic Nurses, Cosmetic Doctors, Dermatologist and Surgeons, new training pathways emerged that taught all professionals how to inspire change, identify the root causes and simplify the application of a treatment series and combination therapies.  In October 2003, Medico Beauty made a number of strategic partnerships with leading laser clinics and founded the Medico Beauty Institute to help educate advanced beauty therapists so they could become qualified as Medical Aestheticians.

Since it’s conception The Medico Beauty Institute has continued to give training and certification in specific Treatment Protocols and today specialises in teaching a process called “Dermal Remodeling™.” These are specific integrated protocols for achieving noticeable improvements that combine therapies, tailored to suit the individual.


If you are a salon / clinic who would like to find out more about stocking CosMedix you can contact Aysha and her team via the Medico Website here.

Thank you to Aysha for taking the time to fill us in a bit more on CosMedix and its presence in the UK and Irish skincare industry. At the moment I am trying out the CosMedix Opti Crystal Eye Serum, which I will feature in a separate product spotlight post next month with my thoughts on the product and how it works. 



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