Looking to Increase Your Salon Bookings and Make More Money?

Here are my top three methods which can be easily adopted into daily salon life, that work to increase salon bookings and sell more treatments.

1. Motivate Your Team Daily

Increase Salons Bookings

Whether your work alone or as part of team, take time each morning before your day begins to motivate yourself for the day ahead. Use this time to review your tasks for the day and plan. This should take approx. 15 minutes – work it into your schedule it is vital and should be done every morning without fail – it will make a difference and lead to real results

  • Make everyone look at their column for the day ahead and evaluate their client and needs – have they been before, do they need to repurchase home care products, what treatment could you upsell to this client?
  • Remind your team of their sales/booking targets. Have you a promotional treatment of the month? Or one you need to increase bookings for? Let your team know!
  • Choose a product/treatment a day to briefly run through the USPs, why you chose to offer it and why a client should buy/experience it. Don’t do all the talking, ask your therapists to tell you why – they are the ones selling it at the end of the day.
  • Ask questions – ask your team do they have any questions, concerns about the day ahead or particular treatments. Encourage conversation with your team.
  • Keep is short, simple and to the point. Monthly team meetings should be in place that allow for longer discussion, the point of this meeting is to motivate and energise the team for the day ahead – keep it POSITIVE.

2. Rebook Your Clients There and Then

Increase Profits - Rebook Clients

You need to book your clients in for their next treatment while they are in the salon. This might seem fairly obvious, but you would be surprised how many salons/therapists fail to do this successfully, which results in lost revenue. By  getting your client to rebook on the spot your are reducing the risk of them going elsewhere – by rebooking, they have committed to return and are less likely to be lured by another salon. You also eliminate the risk of your clients forgetting to book back in.

When rebooking keep it simple:

  • As they pay take a look at your diary and advise them of free appointments you have available and ASK for the booking. Will I book you in again for next month? I have an appointment free on X time and date- does that suit you?
  • Here is also an opportunity to upsell  or cross sell a treatment. Would you like to try the deluxe facial next time? We offer an advanced brow shape at X price when you return for your lash infills – would you like me to book you in for this as well?

3. Reward Your Clients

Reward Clients to Increase Bookings

Reward your clients for their custom and loyalty – they have chosen you over the hundreds of other salons who offer similar services, thank them and let them know you appreciate them. Allow clients to earn and accumulate rewards (can be points, stamps, discounts) to be redeemed against treatments – I stress treatments here, margins are better and more flexible on treatments as opposed to products. A discount on a product will cost you more than the same discount on a treatment. You can tailor your loyalty rewards by creating a list of services to choose from when the client accumulates X amount of points etc. Don’t just offer them another FREE treatment based on what they have been getting done, encourage your client to use these rewards to experiment and try new treatments they may not usually choose – the aim here is that they will love it so much it becomes a regular treatment for them and increases their average spend and overall customer value. While a loyalty scheme is a thank you to your clients and one that aims to keep them loyal to your salon and services, don’t forget to make it work for you and allow it to provide you and your team with the opportunity to introduce your client to new treatments.  

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